This page will show you how to format a paper in MLA Style 10th edition. Formatting includes the rules for where to include your name, the title, page numbers, margins, works cited, etc.  For those who prefer video, we also have a short video on how to format a paper in MLA Style.

Basic MLA Paper Format Rules:

  • Use 1 inch margins (this is the default setting in Word)
  • Use size 12 font letters
  • Use a clear legible font like Times New Roman or Calibri
  • Double-space everything

In the image below you can see the first page of an MLA paper.  In the header in the upper right, you can see the author’s last name and the page number.  On the left side, you can see the author’s full name, the name of the professor, the name of the class, and lastly the date the paper was due.  Then you include the title of the paper in the center before you begin the paper itself.



Look at this finished MLA sample paper to see more details about how to format a paper in MLA Style.

MLA Sample Paper 9th Edition


If you have questions about MLA Style formatting consult the MLA website formatting guide, read the MLA Style Guide in the Library collection, or contact [email protected]