The student support services page contains useful services and advice for PHCC students.

Saving Money on Textbooks – Here is some advice to help you save money when purchasing your college textbooks.

  • Reach out to your professor and ask them if you may use older editions of the textbook for class. Older editions will be cheaper.
  • Get the textbook ISBN number and search for the book online to get the best price. The ISBN is unique to each book so you will get the right book this way.
  • See if the Library Textbook Collection includes your class textbook. Library textbooks can be read in the Library whenever we are open.
  • The following courses use free textbooks: ACP 100 (Academic & Career Planning), LIF 111 (Health and Wellness), BIO 102 (Life Science), BIO 104 (Principles of Biology I), BIO 106 (Principles of Biology II), BIO 114 Lab, HIS 215 (History Through Film), and HIS 250 (WW2 Through Film).
  • Think about renting vs buying your textbooks. It’s best to buy textbooks that relate to your major and rent other textbooks. Keeping textbooks relating to your major lets you refer to them later if you need them.
  • Courses that require access codes usually will include an eBook version of the textbook with the access code. So check to see if the course access code includes an eBook before you buy the print textbook. Ask at the bookstore to find out.

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