The Library Book Club will be reading the mystery thriller The Secret History by Donna Tart this March. “Under the influence of a charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at a New England college discover a way of thought and life a world away from their banal contemporaries. But their search for the transcendent leads them down a dangerous path, beyond human constructs of morality.”

“an accomplished psychological thriller… absolutely chilling” (Village Voice)

To be part of Book Club, all you have to do is read the book and then attend our meeting to share your thoughts.  We will be meeting on Wednesday, April 10th at 12:30pm in the Library to discuss The Secret History.  You may also attend the meeting via Zoom if you can’t make it to the Library.  We have limited copies of the book, so email the Library to reserve a copy.  The book is also on sale at at the Altoona Barnes and Noble.

Contact the Library to with any questions.