The following courses do not have textbook costs. They use free open resources or eBooks provided by the Library at no cost to students.

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BEH 101 – Behavioral Science Exploration
BIO 102 – Life Science
BIO 104 – Principles of Biology I Lecture (Requires low cost purchase of Sapling Learning materials.)
BIO 106 – Principles of Biology II Lecture (Requires low cost purchase of Sapling Learning materials.)
CIV 100 – Western Civilization
COM 101 – Public Speaking
HIS 250 – World War II in Film
LIF 111 – Health and Wellness
MPR 100 – Introduction to Production
MPR 160 – Introduction to Photography (Requires camera)
MPR 290 – Media Literacy
PSY 299 – Elementary Statistics (No textbook fees but does require purchase of statistical soft
SOC 205 – Race, Class and Gender Studies
SWK120 – Health Information for the Social Sciences

If your class does require a textbook, here is some advice to help you save money when purchasing it.

  • Reach out to your professor and ask them if you may use older editions of the textbook for class. Older editions will be cheaper.
  • Get the textbook ISBN number and search for the book online to get the best price. The ISBN is unique to each book so you will get the right book this way.
  • See if the Library Textbook Collection includes your class textbook. Library textbooks can be read in the Library whenever we are open.
  • Courses that require access codes usually will include an eBook version of the textbook with the access code. So check to see if the course access code includes an eBook before you buy the print textbook. Ask at the bookstore to find out.

Library Textbook Collection 

The Library has a small collection of course textbooks.  If you are waiting for your textbook in the mail or forgot your copy at home these textbooks can be checked out for on campus use.  Ask for these textbooks at the Library Front Desk.

ANT 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology – Cultural Anthropology 2021 10th Edition FA24

Art 101 Introduction to Art History – Art through the Ages 4th Edition

BIO 102 Life Science – Concepts for Biology. ISBN-10: 1938168119

BIO 104 Principles of Biology & 114 Lab – Clark, M. A., Douglas, M., & Choi, J. (2018). Biology 2e. Houston, TX: OpenStax. Print ISBN: 978-1-9471725-1-7. 

BIO 106 Principles of Biology II & BIO 116 Lab- Clark, M. A., Douglas, M., & Choi, J. (2018). Biology 2e. Houston, TX: OpenStax. Print ISBN: 978-1-9471725-1-7. 

Bio 204 Human Anatomy and Physiology – Human Anatomy and Physiology 11th Edition Pearson Not Running

BUS 110 Introduction to Business – Boone, Louis E., Kurtz, David L. and Berston, Susan. Contemporary Business 19th Edition. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley

BUS 125 Management Principles – Management 14th Edition

CSC 220 Computer Organization and Architecture – Assembly Programming and Computer Architecture for Software Engineers by Brian R. Hall and Kevin J. Slonka 

ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood – Early Childhood Education Today 14th Edition

ECE 110 Child Development – Child Development 9th Edition L. Berk

ECE 250 Children Families and Community – Children, Families, and Community 7th Edition Pearson 

HIS 100 US History 1- The American promise : a history of the United States V1 2020 Edition. 

HUM 100 Introduction to Humanities Culture & Values- A Survey of the Humanities Volume 1 8th Ed 

PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy – Voyage of Discovery 4th Edition

PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy – Archetypes of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy 10th Edition