Library Hotspot Lending Policy

The Library has mobile hotspots available for student use.  These small devices provide WIFI internet access from the T-Mobile Network to your computer, tablet, or other internet device.  It’s recommended that you check the T-Mobile Coverage Map to be sure the mobile hotspots will work in your home.

  • Each hotspot can be checked out for two weeks.  You may renew the hotspot for an additional two weeks if no one is currently on the waiting list for a hotspot. To renew your hotspot call the Library at 814-262-6458 or emailing us at [email protected].
  • If all hotspots are checked out you can be added to the Waiting List for the hotspots by calling or emailing the Library.
  • There will be a $1 fee for each day the hotspots are late past their due date. Hotspots that are not returned, destroyed, or lost will incur a $70 replacement fee posted to your student account.
  • Hotspots internet access is disabled if they are not returned on time.
  • The Mobile Hotspots are only to be used for legal and appropriate internet browsing. Anyone using the hotspots for illegal activity will be banned from their use.  See the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy for more details.
  • Hotspots are only for student checkout or for employees using them for college business.
  • Students at branch campuses may contact the Library to request a hotspot be mailed to them.

Policy Reviewed July 25th, 2023